Friday, May 7, 2010

PLAIN;everything for the past

well, its started when everything goes well and everything feels so perfect...but under the perfection there will be the black thought of in relationship, we could not have the intention of overtaking it, because it will lead to disaster,,,

                                AS i believe, just caught in the middle in between of love, sexuality, friends, and family.. it is so hard to balance everything. because as my dad always say we could not have everything in our life. We have to sacrifice somehow to gain something better so it will balance yourself and your everything.

                              This is about when i get too much of illegal things in my body i will start to be a pessimist in everything. Went to a bar is not as cool as what you think, like last night...
  1.   arrested by the policemen
  2. HE pissed of with me
  3. i FOUGHT with her
  4. my MOM was looking for me
  5. my AUNTIES stop looking at me
  6. i have made everyone sad,

i don't think that being in nightlife is a cool thing.. it is okay to have fun but i think i get too much of fun you know. Like everyone does, they know how to balance them self.....

M sorry because this blog is really plain as what the title meant to. NO colors as i am miserable.


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