Thursday, December 31, 2009


happy new year


bosan lah..
nape u wat i camni
ntah laaaaa..
i sedeyh la.
he took everything.
but ntuk sakit kan hati u
i raser cm useless pun ader
its pointless untuk marah u
u have ur own life.
u slalu bwat camnie kat i,
but kenape i??
i raser cam siot pun ader.,
baru nak happy ngan u.
tapi tue lah.
u cam bwat endah ta endah.
u kater u penat ngan i,
u ta tanyer i penat ker ta ngan u.
ade i nagging??
i sedeyh u bwat camnie ngan i.
i raser org yg paling hine kat dunie nie,
i tadee pape ntuk u.
like ur goin to apprieciate it.

i raser i nie cam tayar,
selalu bagi problem kat u.
i berubah sebab i nak u pandang i
tapi you??
ader ker??

i sedey.
bende lain i harap bende lain i dapat
sampai bile b.??
sampai bile??

kalaw i bunuh diri plz jangan terkejut.
sbb sekarang i raser i lah manusia yang paling bwak sial,
im a failure,
bilee lah u nak dgr isi hati i..
bile kan??
maybe anywhere i bkan ntuk didengarii tapi dilepasi,
i raser cm kosong.

ayah, mama, acap , and u,
lebey kurang jeee.
have u guys ever.

jgnlah marah i kalaw i nak bwat bende2 pelik lak as u noe.
i dah sakit hati sgt,

dier dah call i
kitorg nak pergi bulan.
b jangan kecik hati,
b senang sgt lepas kan i.

tp i taknak pun kuar ngan dier.
love u b




  • cukup sial
  • kesialan melanda kau membuat aku risau
  • kaw??
  • jadi jalanan aku jadi tepian
  • melihat kaw hilang di merata tempat.
  • aku pilu melihat diri aku
  • sedih, tipis, pilu, kelat, pahit, semua yang jahil
  • tersemat di hati aku yang hitam yang bakal di campakkan ke api yg bahang
  • tapi engkau...

then i noe it wont remain as i will make stupid moves that hurts everyone that i care most


  • u
  • and u
  • i hate u
  • u love me??
  • i do.!
  • i noe
  • this story..
  • hurts u..
  • but me..
  • ur hurting me a lot.


as i love u
and i noe u will hurt me
as i stared in the air
i love the smell and the taste

but when youre gone
its time for sober
i love it
because it will hurt me
i noe
because you are always be
and i noe
this 6ix years will shakee
shaken all the way.

i dont know what to xpress on u
ur just like this drug
i dunoe
i sacrifice everything on u
but u??
doin nothing
i hope this eve will be the greatest

ur just like a drug
it wont benefit me.
but still i love u
u promised me everythin
but u?
doing nothing

Thursday, December 10, 2009

my obsession

my obsession is..
everytime i looked into the mirror
shit! gemokk

i need u noww

Monday, December 7, 2009


plz dont leave me alone.
im to scareeed
plz ayah,
i noe u dont want to stay down there alone.

dear daddy

im too perfect to be your best daughter
im too old to be your baby girl
im too young to be your great daughter
im too evil to be your angel

im sorry for what that i have done
i noe u wont see the tears that coming over frm my heart
i noe u wont listen to me whenever i cry
just plz dont say the word that that really touched me
it hurts
I cant bear with it.

sometimes daddy.
i just need ur eyes to catch me.
listen to me
get me.
its not u r the one should be blame because u have too much of responsibilities.
this tears.
will be counted whenever it fell.
but maybe.
i wont cry on my last day here.
 because i just want u to be happy as before not the currently.
just take care of ur health daddy.

how all of my organs know everything about me.
they now really good
on how much i love you.
 love u daddy
im sorry

Friday, December 4, 2009

paru paru dan perut saya

Alyaa Jamaludin
i noe i am sesuke hati menulis nama kaw
aku sayang kaw
sekian terime kasih


Jebon Embon aka Nik
thanx fr being the greatest friend ever!
sorry sbab suker kacaw you!
syg you ngan aliaa!

sisterhood of travelling shirt

                                                                         Dania Starwosky
It’s been a while for Dan to wait for this moment; the best that she could wait is the time when she will be finishing her high school. It’s been a hard time for her to wait for this time.  Everything happened really quickly where the one that she cares most has changed. She could not do anything but just to accept the fact that he has changed.
                The fact about him to change really hurts her when she expects him to be with her all the time and make their relationship become tougher from day to another day. Seriously, she hoped for the best but everything has changed when the guy that she knew since she was small has changed. She knows that this kind of situation will happen. She could not do anything just to wait for the next hit.
                The song of “u got it bad...” by Usher really makes Dan cried and felt touched about it. She was sitting at the verandah on the swing which her late father made for her. But everything has becomes memories. She knows that it’s quite tough for her to accept every single thing that had happened. She knows there must be some reason of her to get twisted with the situation. She knows it. About Nick, she just ignore about it because she knew it.  She knew there must be something that will happen and everything has become reality. Every single thing.
                Nick and she had spent most of the time together and maybe Nick was expecting Dan to get laid because she always read about the fact of guys that the percentage of the guys wants to get laid with girls is almost eighty percent of them. Well, Dan has made a decision on how to forget about Nick and she made it! Congrats Dan.
                Well, let’s get back to work, while Dan was listening to the songs of Outta my head by Ashlee Simpson. A boy with a red jumpsuit came and she got a parcel with a letter. She quickly opened it and it is a bracelet and a red shirt where alove yourself...” is written on it. It is a surprised and she was shocked and she did not know how to react on it.
The letter was written by a lady who named as “Gloria Parcel”. She was given an instruction by the lady so-called as “Gloria” and asked her to go the northern California to start on a new life. She quickly packed on her stuff and booked on flight ticket just to start her new life there. She really did and her mom?? That would be a good question. She doesn’t care about it at all because her mom doesn’t care as she was too busy with her career.
                She flew right away in the evening and stay in a motel temporarily because she wants to start a new life. Her note to her mom really makes her mom realized about Dan’s leaving. She knows that her mom will disappointed on her but this is her decision on how to decide the right thing, No one could ever stop her. This is it.

                                                                                Amelia Riuchinni
I hate you! I hate you dad!
It shocked her. She woke up from her sleep. Actually, it was a pigeon that had hit on the window. Its cracking as might as the pigeon had hit on it really hard. She looked at her table lamp as her shirt that she has got still in her luggage. She just moved as she had a terrible fight with her dad. She’s disappointed on her father as her father being an irresponsible father. He is a drugs addict and it is hard from him to stop all the addiction. It did affect her family as her mother ran away with another guy.
                Now, she lives with her sister Rose as her sister already has her own family with a lovely daughter. She felt more comfortable as she can feel on how living with a normal family with a healthy lifestyle. Rose left them when she was nine, and Mel thought that Rose was ran away but actually Rose had been abused by her own father and she moved out from the house as she could not bear with her father. Finally she met a right guy to marry her and build her career and family.
                Mel feels delighted as her sister has become a very successful person even though they have a very bad and unhealthy background. The letter and the parcel that she has received before which has been sent by a lady named Gloria Parcel makes her believes that she has to move out before she would be one of her father victims as what had happened on Rose.
                She still remembers on how she has been abused by Jack Riuchinni as he is her father.
It was a very sorrow night as Mel was busy checking on her things that she should bring to her class tomorrow, suddenly jack called him to look on the dryer as it is not functioning as usual as Mel knows mostly everything about all the electrical appliances in their house, but while she was busy checking on the dryer Jack touched and grabbed her from the back and was trying to kiss her.
                She was shocked and speechless and she bites on Jacks tough hand and ran away. Luckily, Rose has gave her contact number as if there any emergency in cased they are facing any problem before. She called Rose and Rose picked her up. But while Mel was waiting for Rose, a boy in a red jumpsuit came to her and gave her the parcel so she would be able to read the letter. When she was busily tearing of the parcels wrapping her sister, Rose came with her husband. Then, basically Mel is with Rose now. She is currently should be safe and she saw a shirt. A red shirt where “Love yourself...” is written on it.
Now she is happily live with Rose as Rose is willing to take care of her sister.

                                                                                Amber Veolia
Well, we should know that nobody’s perfect. So every single thing that had happened sure is too happened as they have their own reason. Generally, all parents want their children to succeed. It is obviously and nobody could be blame.
                About this our friend Amber who is the only daughter in her family with two brothers and a puppy. She never complaints or makes her parents worried. She fulfills every single thing that her parents want. She is smart enough to make everyone proud of her and she is beautiful enough to make everyone fell in love with her too. But there is something beneath her heart that no one would ever know. Her decision. Does everyone notice what does she looks like in the future? Being a lawyer would make her happy? Or she is just trying hard to be the best in front of her parents.
                Well, it began when Amber was busy sun bathing at the California most popular beach. She usually takes her Maxis walk at the beach and they will sunbathe together. Suddenly, she had realized that she never stay away from her parents. So she decides to tour to the Europe by herself. Since she is already 23 years old and she never being a part from her family, she wants to make her own decision. Her thoughts that her mother will let her go suddenly it is not like what she expected as her mother scold her.
                Suddenly and the first time, this is her first time asking permission with her mother and her mother did not approved it and for the first time too she felt pissed off with her mother. Why it is all suddenly and she never realized about herself satisfaction and priority. It shouldn’t be that way as she is turning 24 next year. So she made her own decision to make this is a perfect get away. She locked herself in her bedroom and did not get down for her dinner. But actually, she sneaked out from her bedroom just to make herself out of hunger. Well, while she was busy preparing herself some sandwiches someone knocked outside from the kitchens window. It was a boy with a red jumpsuit with a parcel. She gave him tips. She wasn’t shocked or even surprised with the parcel.
                After she has finished her supper, she opened up the parcel and there’s a letter and a shirt that is written love yourself...” Well, it is from Gloria Parcel whom she doesn’t know. Then after she read the letter she had changed her mind of going to the Europe. But going to the northern Californian to meet her “sisters”.
The next morning her mom gets in to her bedroom and there’s no one in her bedroom but a note which it is written I love you mom Love, Amber. Her mom screamed out loud her name and while she is smiling in the flight while listening to the songs of through the trees by low shoulder...” to meet her sisters.


Dear my Love,
This letter is for you to get out from the place you are now. There are a lot of things in this world that you have to look on and learn from it, with this t-shirt, it will help you to meet some of your sisters that have the same fate as yours. Meet them at the Mendocino Garden at the northern California,..
                                   Gloria Parcel

After a while they really met each other with their t-shirt on and they hugged each other when the first time their met and now they are really best friend and they feel like sisters as they share a lot of things together. They take serious on whatever happened and three of them start on their new life and live happily together.

The end.
                                                                                                                                                                U noe u Love me,
                                                                                                                                                                Miss Gloria Parcel

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ikut suke u lah

he's real sux
he kept on repeating the same phrase
go to hell man!
i noe ur a hell
you are

one in a time

its over
i dont know fr how long would it last
trust me
im just a burden
i am
i really am
he doesnt care
he got a lot of things
let the world change him
he knows everythn
i mean it

he's a criminal
so do i
me n him just like the bonnie and clyde
no one would ever care
but i care
its just him

let it be
every single thing
he hates me
he knows that
n i dun give a damn
a lot of people hate me
he is just a piece
really a piece

i dont think that
we are
going to be

trust me! 
he wouldnt
 he would not

dear u.
i noe u will read this
the fact is
i am a piece ryte
i deserve it

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

envy me

Fayfay Omar
as it goes.
the wind wont stop.
but there
a tree will make them stop

just staring at it.
stare and stare
without a blink my tears drop.
tick tock tick tock

im hoping fr the apple to fall
i dont want it to be out from the tree
too precious
too precious
im just a girl.
i dont deserve it

but still.
i want it
how eager am i
how eager am i

a stone wont changed 
but it will
with the lite
the lite

i don knoww..
only the grass knows
the grass that have been watching me
since i was small.
since smaller

from the womb
till the tomb

only He knows
how I appreciate myself.